Welcome to the web site of GONEGOS WIREHAIRED VIZSLA'S, the home of the very finest of their breed.



2020 is our 24th year of being owned by this wonderful breed. 24 years in which we have travelled the length and bredth of the UK, (and the occasional foray into Europe) working our dogs, for both gun and hawk. 24 years of ONLY having Wirehaired vizsla's. No OTHER breeds. No DIVIDED loyalties. No flitting from one breed to another. 24 years of SOLELY living and hunting with Wirehaired vizsla's.


Dogs of our breeding and linage have gone on to become champions in both field and ring, both here in the UK and also in Europe.


Most importantly, they have become the most treasured family companions of those people fortunate enough to own one of our dogs.


                                     PROVEN EXCELLENCE SINCE 1996.



Remember to visit our Face book page 'Wirehaired vizsla a dog for all reasons' Lot's of video's and photo's not included upon here.

Wirehaired Vizslas. Proven Excellence since 1996

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